Botox and Fillerina

History of Botox

Its often said that "botox works wonders" but we continue to be amazed by the new ways we can use it and how pleased we are with how its used! Long ago, this phenomenon evolved from looking at the side affects of medical botox in ophthalmology and found some were extremely desirable indeed. But its not all for looks - we have seen many people finding botox is great for depression and migraines - plus not only does it stop you from looking angry, research shows people who associate with you and your inability to look angry - are less angry and much happier too!

So do yourself, and your friends, a favour... Take advantage of our Botox offers NOW!

Anti-wrinkle injections

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Botox?

Botox is an injectable agent which is used to temporarily reduce facial lines, wrinkles and dimples by relaxing underlying muscles. A simple, non-surgical procedure to help alleviate signs of ageing.


What does a Botox consultation involve?

 All consultations are no obligation. You will be discuss what you feel your “problem areas” are and will then be asked to pull a series of faces so our consultant can see which muscles are being used to create the lines and wrinkles that appear when the face is moving.


What does treatment involve?

If you decide to proceed with treatment, your face will be marked up with a pale make-up pencil as specific muscle groups are targeted and our practitioners need to ensure total accuracy. The treatment takes minutes and a fine needle is used which does not penetrate deep into the skin, most patients find the treatment is either painless or only mildly uncomfortable.


How soon will I notice an improvement?

Patients will start to notice lines visibly improving within 3-4 days of treatment. However, Botox normally requires 10-14 days to settle down completely.


How long does the treatment last?

Although all patients respond differently to Botox, a treatment usually lasts between 3-5 months. Patients will notice a gradual regression of the effects of the treatment from about two months after treatment, with the lines and wrinkles returning to their original state a few weeks later.


What are the side effects?

 There is always the extremely rare risk of side effects as with any medicine/drug, these are always fully reversible. Possible side effects may include headaches and mild pain at the injection sites, mild to moderate bruising and ptosis, or drooping of the eyelid.


The three areas most  commonly

treated are:

 1.    The forehead


2.    The glabella (in between the eyebrows)


3.    The crows feet (sides of eyes)


The cost will depend on the areas to 

be treated and how much product is 

need, this will be discussed with you 

at your appointment.

Prices start at £150 per area!



Botox Spring Special - Just £199 for 3 areas!