Medical Aesthetics Anti-wrinkle Injections

We hold an Anti-wrinkle injection clinic every  month. 

To book your consultation please call 0121 360 9128

Prices from just £150 for one area!

Clinic held by Maxine Hassan BSc (HONS) & Medical Aesthetician

Botox  is a simple, non surgical treatment that can temporarily smooth lines for both men and women. It has also been successfully used to treat  excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis).

To determine how bad the sweating is we use the iodine starch test. The problem area is painted with iodine and then coated with a starch powder. Sweat dissolves the starch which then reacts with iodine and turns dark blue-clearly pinpointing areas of excessive sweating. Treatment is only undertaken after careful consultation and discussion with you.


Anti-wrinkle injections

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